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We pride ourselves on providing freshly picked, in house & artisan roasted 100% St Lucian finest coffee, cocoa and exotic fruit treats. We work with local farmers, chocolatiers, dairy suppliers and bakeries to source the freshest, highest quality offerings. 


Stay Awhile...Have Coffee in the Rainforest

When visiting the beautiful volcanic island of St Lucia, whether by ship or air, stop over in the Duty Free Port of Point Seraphine, Castries, WI and come visit our Coffee Shoppe.


More than Drinks

Stop by and delight in the wonder of the freshest offerings money can buy.  It is here that you will enjoy the freshest coffee, iced, or cappuccino, the healthiest cocoa nibs and gorgeous island chocolates or float away in the freshest fruit juice, slushies, granitas, pressed to perfection...and if you're a little homesick then rejoice in the freshly made soft frozen yogurts and Italian strawberry ice-creams.  Just a little peckish then enjoy the spicy wraps and fresh french baguettes or sumptuous freshly baked cakes made with passionfruit or even sweet-potato and coconut.  


Fresh roasted coffee and healthy Cocoa Nibs bagged and ground if you prefer, on sale here.

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Unit 26, Point Seraphine, Castries ST LUCIA

WhatsApp +1 (758) 728-4972; +1 (758) 726-4839; noble.tree@yahoo.com


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